Company Policy

Company Policy

The company BELARDI FOOD GROUP SAM deal with:

Wholesale marketing, storage and distribution of foodstuffs, including chilled and frozen.

In support of its performance, the company management has taken steps to implement and support its Integrated System (ISO 9001: 2015-ISO14001: 2015-ISO22000: 2005).

The Integrated System involves all the functions of the company, creating an interdisciplinary and cross-functional articulation that embraces the entire corporate process.

Thus, the Management undertakes to motivate, sustain and support the personnel in achieving the following objectives:

– Consider the company a collective welfare of all employees and support it in the desire for a continuous improvement;

– Implement, maintain, update and continuously improve the Integrated Quality Management System in order to meet the requirements of the ISO reference standards.

– Maintain compliance of all activities with the laws of the State and with EU Directives, in particular those relating to one respect for the Environment and Food Safety;

– Monitor the adequacy of the resources available in relation to the current activities and to guarantee the availability of human and instrumental resources to achieve the set objectives;

– Promote the necessary actions to prevent and avoid the recurrence of non-Conformities on company processes and on the Integrated System;

– Promote and Support the cultural and ethical competences and values of the one organization so that it is considered a territorial and social resource;

– Promote the cultural growth of its staff in terms of scientific competence and consistency with the organization’s Quality Policy, guaranteeing and promoting continuous professional updating;

– Increase staff involvement in company processes through the motivation of the same; – Increase business competitiveness for greater presence and visibility on the market;

– Ensure the use of information by promoting internal communication within the organization, so the staffs are familiar with the documentation of the Integrated System and implement company policies and the envisaged operating procedures in their work;

– Ensure that the requirements of the provided services are defined and respected, in order to increase customer satisfaction;

– Monitor the commitments and objectives through the adoption of adequate indicators; – Monitor the “Customer Satisfaction” by analyzing the return information;

– Adapt the organization and activities in compliance with the mandatory and voluntary regulations of interest to the same;

– Promote and implement any reasonable initiative aimed at minimizing risks and removing the causes that may endanger food safety;

– Promote awareness of its environmental impact;

– Guarantee the continuous improvement of the organization in terms of safety in the workplace, continuous training of personnel, adjustment of instrumental resources, elimination of all possible barriers to the performance of staff duties consistently with the Policy;

– Support the compliance of one’s own work with food and environmental safety regulations, through activities aimed at:

Attention and an ongoing commitment to improve their performance by reducing the impact on the environment;

Responsible and conscious use of natural resources;

Practice of early assessment of the environmental and safety impacts of all new activities, processes and products;

Attention to environmental issues through continuous training of personnel and separate waste collection;

– Maintain and extend food safety through an appropriate Food Safety Culture by complying with the following requirements:

  • commitment by management, department heads and all employees to the safe distribution of products;
  • leadership role and involvement of all employees in food safety practices;
  • awareness, by all company employees, of the dangers for food safety and of the importance of food safety and hygiene;
  • open and clear communication between all employees of the company, within an activity and between consecutive activities, including the communication of deviations and expectations;

– Support the compliance of one’s own work with health and safety regulations in the workplace, promoting an occupational safety policy, attentive and responsible through:

An organizational structure that has clear tasks and responsibilities;

The use of systems and processes to guarantee the intrinsic safety of its activities;

Training, information and training of its staff;

Verification and evaluation, in terms of safety, of the reliability of the “haulers” and suppliers;

Periodic identification of the dangers associated with the own activities, taking adequate preventive measures and using standards of recognized validity and formalized procedures within a management system;

The recording, analysis and communication of incidents, planning and implementing the necessary improvement actions;

Maintain high performance indexes in terms of quality, food safety and the environment, supporting the Integrated Management System;

Attention to environmental issues and food safety through continuous training of personnel;

The Management is committed to making available resources and means adequate to the set objectives and targets, in terms of competence, information, economic and financial resources, and to constantly monitor its adequacy. The Management, intending to base its decisions on the analysis of data and information, promotes within the organization a methodological approach focused on the systematic collection of data and their timely analysis.

The Management undertakes to review at least once a year the adequacy of the Integrated System and to give indications on any corrections and / or improvements to be made to the structure of the System. On this occasion, it also verifies the achievement of the annual objectives of Quality, Environment and Food Safety and analyzes any deviations from what was planned.

The Quality, Environment and Food Safety Policy is periodically reviewed (when the Integrated System is reviewed and when the Integrated System is changed) and, when necessary revised.

In order to promote the dissemination and understanding of the Quality, Environment and Food Safety Policy, the Management meets both Function Managers and all workers in order to spread awareness of the individual’s role in the organization.