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Our people are at the heart of everything we do. From working with different cultures, ideas and beliefs, to operating across the globe in a socially and environmentally conscious way.

BFG is a diverse group of individuals, dedicated to working with our international customers. The trust our customers place in us and our strong working relationships are the basis for lasting success.

Our wealth of experience and our ability to innovate are the two sides of a single coin, which represents the recognition of our work and the guide of our actions.

Our Beliefs

Our Clients

We ensure the availability of our products in conditions of freshness and qualitative excellence, wherever our clients may be in the world. We guarantee a transparent and fair relationship with all customers in such a way as not to offer anyone an unfair competitive advantage over a competing customer. We adopt specific policies based on the size, type, channel and commercial strategy of the customer, to ensure the best possible outcome for each project and ones to come.

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Our Beliefs

Our Manufacturers

We carefully choose our suppliers based on the objective requirements of integrity, quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. All our suppliers required to comply with IS labour laws and regulations, to be non-discriminatory and amongst other benchmarks, to comply with our code of ethics. We place the utmost importance on the products our suppliers produce and provide our customers, ensuring they not only meet our own internal requirements, but the ISO standards and country regulations, throughout the supply chain, as well. From farm to food supply, our customers can trust us.

Our Beliefs

Our Team

BFG aims to maintain and encourage a positive work environment, inspired by the protection of the freedom, dignity and inviolability of the employee, as well as principles of fairness in interpersonal relationships, which allows all collaborators to perform at their best. We are committed to adopting strategies that combine business growth and profitability whilst ensuring the personal growth and development of each of us.

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Our Team Aligns With
Our Beliefs

Outside of our organization we go above and beyond to ensure that our principles are upheld whilst maintaining and meeting the requirements and expectations of the countries and governmental bodies with which we work.

Institutional Relations

BFG maintains relations with Public Institutions, in compliance with current legislation, in a spirit of loyalty, correctness and transparency.

We maintain a constructive dialogue with representative associations and organisations that are actively committed to the improvement of civil, social, environmental, cultural conditions, and participate in partnership projects with them.


With more than 10 years of experience supporting the U.N. on its peacekeeping missions, we continue our commitment to supporting countries in need through our donation programme.

BFG currently is in collaboration with the Caritas Italy, UNICEF and the Children’s care hospital. We are committed patrons for of these NGO’s and provide financial support throughout the year. 


To offer philanthropic activities to our employees, we work with No Finish Line Monaco (NFL) and War Refugees. 

Each year, BFG employees run the NFL race track raising money for Children & Future. During our War Refugee collections, our team offers up clothing, food and basic necessities to ensure displaced individuals are well looked after.